Is a butterfly bush poisonous?

Before you want to try whether a butterfly bush is poisonous, I would first hear their advice from various sources or better experts. I have collected this information myself on the internet and am therefore not an expert in the field of plant toxicity.

According to the plants for a future website , the Buddleia davidii is not edible to humans. The toxicity of a butterfly plant is unprecedented according to most sources. Fortunately, you can put the plant in a bird aviary. Most pets will not find the plant attractive and so will not be a problem for it.

Is a butterfly bush poisonous to children?

Butterfly bushes are not considered poisonous. However, it is NOT advisable to allow children to swallow the leaves or flowers of a bush.

Is a Butterfly Bush Poisonous to Dogs?

Butterfly bushes are neither attractive to dogs nor poisonous to them. 

Is it poisonous to cats?

Butterfly bushes are not poisonous to cats.

Is it poisonous to other animals?

There is no evidence that butterfly bushes are poisonous to horses, cows or other livestock. They are also deer resistant, so deer avoid the plants.

  • Butterfly bushes are unlikely to poison children, but they are also inedible.
  • Butterfly bushes are not considered toxic to pets.
  • Deer avoid eating butterfly bushes.
  • The shrub should not harm livestock.
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